Winter Reminders

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Winter is here and it’s important to take time to make sure you are ready for the harsh weather. 

Here in the Dickson TN area we are blessed to live surrounded by beautiful large trees. From Spring through the beginning of Autumn those trees offer shade along with their beauty but then all those leaves begin to fall as the weather cools. If your home is close to even a single tree you should check your rain gutters to make sure they are clear. If the gutters are full of leaves they won’t drain properly causing water to back up and run under the roof and down the walls. This will cause water leaks and flooding.  All it takes is a ladder and a pair of gloves and if you are unable to do this yourself, ask a neighbor or see if your church can offer assistance.

Don’t forget to close or cover the crawl space vents around your home as it will keep the house warmer and help prevent your water pipes from freezing. There are many options available to do this. Hardware and building supply stores can help you choose what is best for your situation. Here in Dickson, Lowe’s carries a selection of vent covers including a magnetic one which fits over metal covers without having to use screws. Cutting stiff foam to size and inserting on the inside of your vents is an economical way to seal and insulate your crawl space vents. Also, changing your air filter every month will assure your home will warm efficiently and reduce your energy bills.

When the temperature drops below freezing (not too often here in Dickson, TN) make sure to leave your faucet dripping at a fast steady pace. Leave it like that day and night until the weather warms up because pipes will freeze during the day as well as night. also, leave your cabinet doors open below your kitchen and bath sinks so the heat can get to the water lines. If you let your pipes freeze there is nothing that can be done until the weather warms up and the pipes thaw themselves out. There is also a chance that when your pipes freeze the ice will expand and burst the pipe resulting in costly repairs. When they do thaw out the water will run out under the house (or worse, into the home) until the main valve is closed. Take these precautions as they can save you a lot of misery and expense.

A little preparation goes along way toward making sure that winter is an enjoyable time of year. These tips are brought to you by Phil Thompson Properties provider of rental homes and properties in the Dickson Tennessee area.

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