Spring has Sprung

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Here are some tips to make your Spring Cleaning quicker and maybe even funner this year!

1. Make A Plan

List the areas of your home that you need to clean, come up with a plan. Be sure to budget in time for distractions so you won’t get discouraged after just a few hours cleaning. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly start getting calls from old friends (be polite but firm, or better yet, invite them over to visit while helping you clean!)

2. Check Your Supplies Before Getting Started

There is nothing more frustrating than to start any project only to discover that you’re out of supplies. If you haven’t already, look into reducing your reliance on harsh chemicals for your cleaning needs. White vinegar and baking soda and even toothpaste can be used. Here is a webpage which has some great info on chemical-free cleaning: http://eartheasy.com/live_nontoxic_solutions.htm#substitutions

3. Let Your Kids or Roommates Help Out (or at least stay out of the way!)

I used to love ‘helping’ to accomplish small cleaning tasks when I was growing up. I liked cleaning windows because of the squeaky sounds it would make (strange right?). Mom would always have to finish the edges (they looked perfectly fine to me) but it seemed to help. If your children are small you will want to save the complicated tasks until their sleeping are have grandparents take them to the park. Roommates should be able to pitch in at least a little, or maybe bring lunch or dinner since you are making their lives better!

4. Focus

You have your plan, stick to it. If you find that your plan needs to be changed don’t delay, change it. Distraction is a killer (in so many ways!). Get the clutter out of the way first (see tip #5) and then stick with one area at a time. Seeing one area completed will help keep you motivated to finish the entire house.

5. Clean Before Cleaning (..huh?)

There are layers in cleaning. You have to move the week old junk mail off the dresser so you can dust, the toys and clothes need to picked up so you can vacuum, the dishes need to put away so you can sanitize the countertop etc. Do those tasks first and so that you don’t have to move anything more than one time. If something is trash then get it in a trash can. Extra steps can add up quick so if you have to touch or move something do it only once.

6. Organize and Downsize

Bags and bins and boxes (oh my! -Wizard of Oz reference for the young’uns).Instead of just dividing things into separate piles( a bad habit I subscribe to when feeling lazy) that will most likely get knocked over or mixed up, use plastic bags or bins or cardboard boxes to get and keep them organized. I like separating items for garage sale, items to donate, garbage and things that I may have borrowed that need to be returned. I find that friend’s Tupperware and dishes will eventually merge with ours long after the party took place and we never remembered to send them home with it after a visit

7. Let The Sun Shine & Fresh Air In

Getting the windows open and letting fresh warm Spring air invade the forsaken nooks and crannies in the house always provides a lift to the spirit. Hopefully you do not have a freshly fertilized field up wind. Open up the house and put some dance music on and think of the calories you can burn!

8. Clean Top To Bottom

Let gravity make your job easier by working with it! Dust the ceiling fan, light fixture and any crown molding. Work your way down the walls, over the furniture, all the way to the baseboards and flooring. Nothing worse that finishing your dusting and vacuuming and looking up at a half an inch of dust on the ceiling fan blades!

9. Let’s Pace It

Make some fresh coffee or tea (or sweet tea here in Tennessee) and take a short break after completing a task. This can be a fun activity and you only do it once a year (apologies to any house cleaners reading this). When you finish a room or an area take a moment, grab a beverage and look at your fine work and appreciate it.. you’ll probably be the only one who notices.. but that’s okay!

10. Make A Daily/Weekly Cleaning List

Next time you need to deep clean you can make it an easier process. Make a list of small tasks you can take care of consistently without spending too much time. This will not only make your live easier next Spring but keep you home in better shape throughout the year. Happy Cleaning!

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